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About On the Move Bay Area

Our History

In 2003 a group of visionary public sector professionals – executive directors, school superintendents, principals, and philanthropy leaders – gathered as colleagues to identify an array of common challenges that each had faced throughout their careers. They began to pose their challenges as a set of questions and to explore the potential for real solutions:


  • How do we develop the next generation of public sector leaders?
  • How do we strengthen organizations to thrive creatively in a changing world?
  • How do we build relationships that foster healthy, vibrant communities?


On The Move was founded out of a shared commitment to discover solutions to these questions. Initially, the organization engaged diverse cohorts of young professionals from across Northern California to participate in the groundbreaking On The Verge program. These 175 young people – between the ages of 25 and 35 – were each deeply committed to becoming the next generation of public sector leaders, bringing about change across the communities in which they lived and worked.


By 2005 it became clear that leadership development needed to happen in “real time.” On The Move began providing young leaders with intensive job-embedded coaching and mentoring by experienced professionals committed to intergenerational learning and leading. On the Move began functioning as an incubator, supporting each new endeavor with organizational and program development as well as funding and financial management for 3-5 years.


MOVE(D): a short web-based video series inspired by the work of Leslie Medine, founder and previous Executive Director of On The Move, focused on innovative best practices in public sector leadership


Current Initiatives

On the Move incubates initiatives based on the interests, passions and commitment of young leaders that represent the diversity of their communities. Each initiative has emerged organically as people came together to identify what they considered to be urgent, unmet needs. All of the programs have been implemented utilizing an intergenerational leadership model of co-creation and shared decision-making.


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Board of Directors

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